3 Ways to Remove Gender Bias from Your Documentation

Ever get confused (or embarrassed to ask) about how to re-work your forms so they reduce stereotypes and stigma? Many of us would like reduce bias but we're either not aware of terms that could be offensive or aren't clear on acceptable alternatives.

Thankfully, Dr. Traci Lowenthal from Creative Insights Counseling reached out to me about this very topic! Traci specializes in working with LGBQIA and Trans populations and has some really easy-to-implement tips for us. 

So click below to check out the video and then feel free to post any questions or comments below. Traci and I will be around to answer questions and engage in the discussion. 

As mentioned in the video, if you'd like to learn more about Traci and her practice or contact her with questions you can check her out at Creative Insights Counseling