Catching Up On Notes: An Interview with an Honest Therapist

We've ALL gotten behind on notes. Yes, all of us. 

The problem is that we never talk about it. And the more behind you get, the LESS you want to talk about it. But that makes the problem worse, and so things go on and on until you feel overwhelmed.

That's exactly what I'm talking to Dr. Traci Lowenthal about today. Traci got behind in her notes, and was courageous enough to let me interview her about how she's getting caught up and how she plans to avoid this happening again in the future.

Click below to check out the video and share this with your friends! I guarantee you know at least one counselor who is behind in notes right now, but too ashamed to discuss it. 

Wasn't she awesome to share her experience with us?! 

If you're also behind in your notes but not sure how to start getting caught up, or if you need some extra motivation, check out the Paperwork Catch Up Group

This is a group where you get the practical tips as well as the moral support you need to get caught up and stay caught up on notes. 

And if you have your own tips and tricks you'd like to share, leave a comment below! Remember, you're not alone.