What is a Notice of Privacy Practices?

You may have heard about a form called the Notice of Privacy Practices but not really be too sure what it's all about. In this video I'm helping to clear all that up! Click below to watch...

While the Notice of Privacy Practices is a complete form, the main aspects that apply to therapists in private practice include:

  • Your record keeping policies
  • Your client's access to records
  • How you share client information
  • Opportunities for clients to file a complaint

Healthit.gov provides an excellent sample form that is both visually appealing and covers all the necessary bases. Click here to view the sample. 

Remember that even if you're not a HIPAA covered entity, many of these principles are still considered best practice to include in your informed consent process. 

The key, as with everything, is to determine how these principles apply to your clients and use that for discussion. Let us know in the comments how you include these principles in your forms!