The "Best of" Series: Creating a Community Among Therapists, Not Competition

You know that feeling when you connect with someone right away? You're able to joke with one another, share similar values, and the conversation is so natural. That's what it was like the first time I talked with Rajani. 

Rajani Venkatraman Levis is a licensed marriage and family therapist with a practice in San Francisco. She specializes in trauma and EMDR and she is very involved in the larger EMDR community. So involved, in fact, that she (along with another colleague) created a Bay Area EMDR chapter. 

You see, Rajani was looking for a community that she could connect with. And when she had trouble finding that community, she decided to create it herself.

In this interview below, Rajani talks about how she created that community, why it's so important for those of us in the mental health profession to support one another, and why there are plenty of clients to go around.

This video is from an interview I did with Rajani in 2016 for the Road to Success Summit, but I really think it deserves to live on beyond the Summit, so I'm sharing with you here:

Rajani is seriously an example of clinical and business prowess. She has built a very successful practice by owning her strengths, being herself, sharing resources, and providing the services that clients in her community need. She is also on a mission to help other therapists do the same... but without offering courses or business consulting packages. She's doing it by creating community. 

If you want to become part of the online community Rajani is creating, check out her latest venture,

She currently has an awesome blog series called "Five Minute Magic" which highlights various things you can do in five minutes to improve different things within your practice. And yes, I did contribute to this series, of course! Click here to read my 5 quick tips for improving your paperwork