Documentation Consultations: How To Keep Up With Notes

In this episode of the Documentation Consultation Series, we're talking about some strategies for making notes easier to write so that keeping up with them is more feasible.

In this video I talk with Gina Della Penna, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York. She shares some really common struggles with writing notes and we also talk about things like scheduling. More specifically, we talk about:

  • Creating a schedule for writing notes... and how to know exactly how much time you need to plan for writing notes each week
  • Common fears about who will read your notes and how to protect your client's confidentiality
  • How to use collaborative documentation to solve the problem when you can't think of what to write in a note
  • Tips for how to think about notes so they are easier to write
  • How to conceptualize which note template you're using and how to try out a new one if you're not happy with what you're using now

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Resources we discussed in this video:

If you want to check out Simple Practice, the EHR that Gina uses, click here.