Documentation Consultations: Case Consult Notes, Collaterals and Collaborations!

This is a "meaty" documentation consult! My good friend and amazing therapist, Rajani Venkatraman Levis, LMFT, requested a consult to create a note template for her own case consultations. So, we create one in this video! 

We also create a template for interaction with collaterals, such as a former therapist, a physician or a psychiatrist. Rajani also discusses a "co-therapy session" she conducted with another therapist and we talk about how documentation might be different for such a scenario.

You can snag these templates by entering your info underneath the video. 

Lastly, Rajani shares a great resource for therapists! It's not related to notes per se, but it's certainly related to all the sitting we do in this profession. Hope you enjoy!

Click here to find out more about Rajani's resource for improving your posture. 

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