Love Your Paperwork: An Interview with Shane Birkel of the Couples Therapist Couch Podcast

Calling all couples counselors! Did you know there's an awesome podcast talking about strategies and nuances specific to couples counseling? 

Shane Birkel, LMFT is a couples therapist and he started a podcast that dives into everything from EFT and the Gottman method to healing from infidelity and working with specialized populations like first responder couples.

In this episode he and I chat about all things paperwork, including some of the nuances that are specific to couples...

  • Billing insurance for couples therapy
  • What to review during intake so you can avoid confidentiality issues later on
  • Organizing files for couples counseling
  • Catching up on therapy progress notes

We spend some time talking about the ever present struggle to stay caught up on notes and review strategies for catching up on notes and creating a realistic schedule to keep your notes up to date. So check it out, take a simple action after listening and then look for other episodes that might be helpful.

Click here to listen.

What was your greatest takeaway from the episode? Let us know in the comments!