How To Catch Up On Notes

One of the most common concerns I hear from therapists is that they are having trouble staying on top of their notes.

This is a big concern and the problem can get out of hand very quickly. 

That's why my approach to helping counselors catch up on progress notes consists of two things:

1. Create a sustainable strategy for staying on top of current notes.

2. Create a realistic plan for catching up on older notes.

Once these two things are mastered, you're good to go! The hard part is getting there...

That's why I recorded the following videos with steps on each strategy.

One caveat: It is tempting to jump to the catch up plan because that may be the immediate need that is causing stress. Don't do this!

It is sooooo important to create a sustainable schedule for yourself first so that we break the cycle of falling behind. So, make sure you watch Part 1 and really focus on trying out this strategy for a week or two before you jump to Part 2.

How To Catch Up On Notes (Part 1)

Create a sustainable schedule for ongoing notes


How To Catch Up On Notes (Part 2)

Create your catch up plan

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