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Does the thought of your client requesting a copy of their records make you nervous? 

Do you worry about what a licensing board or lawyer might see in an investigation?

Do you resent paperwork and find ways to avoid it?


You're a therapist and you're great at communicating and love your work but hate the paperwork associated with therapy. You're having trouble managing your time. The thought of a client wanting to look at their file is scary. The thought of a lawyer wanting to look at a file is even scarier! 

You have no one reviewing your documentation to see whether or not it's up to standard with other professionals. You think your paperwork might be okay but you just don't know for sure.

Most therapists don't like paperwork and struggle to manage their time and use documentation as a clinical tool. That is exactly why I started QA Prep...

Dr. Maelisa Hall

My name is Maelisa Hall and I'm a licensed clinical psychologist (lic# 25295). 

It's my passion to help therapists create rock solid documentation so they can spend more time with their clients and less time worrying about paperwork. 

After eight years working in mental health agencies I started my own company to help therapists learn how to make documentation flow naturally, decrease their workload and be confident in all their paperwork. 

I'll show you that paperwork is a valuable part of therapy and that it doesn't have to be slow and painful! You'll have more time to work with clients because you'll know you can take on the paperwork no problem.

I consult with psychotherapists in private practice, agencies and group practices to teach them things like how to write great notes, what to consider if insurance is involved, how to document high risk issues and what forms they actually need for their clientele. 

Training is my passion so I've created online programs that help connect therapists so they can learn from any place at any time. My goal is that everything I do serve a real need so I make sure to include plenty of real-life examples and interactive exercises in every workshop I create. 



You can be confident that your paperwork would hold up to scrutiny during an investigation. You don't have to wonder if you're doing things the right way. Learn how to use your clinical skills to enhance your documentation and make it more relatable. 

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