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NO MORE embarrassment about being behind in your notes.

NO MORE worrying about what your licensing board would say if they saw your files.

NO MORE trying to figure out what your colleagues are doing.

NO MORE browsing the web for free templates that don't work for you anyway.

NO MORE doubting yourself as a clinician because you can't figure out the administrative stuff. 


Let's handle your struggles with paperwork... together.

qaprep feedback

Get *Judgement-Free* Feedback

You'll have the opportunity to get feedback on your paperwork in real time, from myself AND your colleagues in the group for the life of the program. 

no fear.jpg

Abandon Fear

Create systems you know will protect you should your documentation ever come in to question by insurance companies or licensing boards. 

qaprep save time

Save Time

While paperwork is valuable, it shouldn't take up hours of your week. Learn personalized tips for writing notes more quickly. 

qaprep get organized

Get Organized

Intake paperwork, notes, treatment plans, releases... it's all so confusing! Get checklists and instruction that's easy to implement.

qaprep connect

Connect with Colleagues

The million dollar question is, "What kind of notes are my colleagues writing?" Find out with our writing exercises and regular calls in the membership group. 

qaprep meaning

Create Meaning

Documentation is so much easier when you're able to connect it to your client's inner work and see the value in it for YOU as well.

Join me in a revolutionary program that will transform your relationship with paperwork. 

Here's what other therapists have to say about Meaningful Documentation...

I took Maelisa’s documentation course & learned so much. My stress level has decreased while my confidence has increased. She’s amazing!
— Sharon Carter, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Lake Oswego, Oregon
Maelisa, I’m incredibly grateful to you for creating this course. How I think about documentation has fundamentally changed since knowing you and working on this course (and I haven’t even gotten all the way through it yet!), making my documentation easier both to do and to teach to my supervisee.
— Erin Findley, Licensed Psychologist in Lafayette, California

qaprep learning

One Part Learning

We'll cover the three main areas of documentation first:
Administrative paperwork. Treatment Planning. Case Notes. 

Then we'll look at how to put it all together and address other common issues that arise:
Time Management. Organization. Ethical Dilemmas. Insurance. Cultural Integration. Crisis Situations and more.

qaprep connection

One Part Connection

An important piece of this program is the community. We'll have four consultation calls where I'll go in depth with group members to handle their current struggles (don't worry, volunteer basis only!). 

You'll also participate in regular group exercises so you get two critical thingsFeedback on your own writing and a glimpse into what the heck your colleagues are doing!

We start Monday, June 12th

Join other amazing therapists in changing your relationship with your paperwork... for good.

Sign up today and get ready for a transformation.

Pay in full and SAVE

$749 USD

Payment plan option

$269 USD x3 months

Thanks to you. I now don’t hate notes. I kind of like them.
— Kerry Gibbett, Occupational Therapist in Australia
I feel so much better about documentation in my private practice. There are so many aspects that you cover that I think can help people tremendously. So many people I talk to feel confused about what they need to do for treatment plans, notes, forms, and all the other areas you cover so succinctly. I appreciate that there was enough detail, but not so much that it required more time than I had. Having the examples from you and the other gracious people was very helpful.
— Sandy Hume, Marriage & Family Therapist in Corona Del Mar, California

Dr. Maelisa Hall

Your Documentation Diva,
Dr. Maelisa Hall

I love helping therapists with what they love least- paperwork!

That's right. I've discovered how to infuse meaning into documentation so it's no longer a task you dread. Instead, it becomes an important part of the clinical work you do.

My goal with the Meaningful Documentation program is that documentation actually becomes something you can feel really good about.

No more nights at the office (or home!) spending hours on notes.
No more living in fear of an audit.
No more dread when you receive a release for records.

Here's what you'll get, in nitty gritty detail:

Welcome Packet
Simple exercises so you can start on some crucial things right away and create an awesome plan for success in the program.

Video Trainings
Every two weeks we'll go IN DEPTH with a different area of your documentation

admin (2).jpg

Weeks 1 & 2

Administrative Paperwork

The "boring" but super critical (and actually not so boring if it's done the right way) stuff: 



Weeks 3 & 4

Treatment Planning and Client Progress

The whole reason you're a therapist, showing the change in your client's lives

qaprep notes

Weeks 5 & 6

Case Notes

Figuring out how to write about all the wonderful things you do each day

qaprep everything

Weeks 7 & 8

Ethical Dilemmas, Insurance, Cultural Integration, Time Management and Organization

All those extras that really make up a chart and make your career exciting


Because video isn't for everyone and repetition always makes for better learning! For each lesson you'll get a beautiful workbook you can keep and reference any time you need.

Worksheets and Samples

For each lesson you'll receive handouts with simple steps for implementing each assignment. Cheat sheets, questionnaires and everything you need to make every lesson count!


4 Group Consultation Calls

Every two weeks we're going to have a call to connect and get your questions answered. The really cool part about these calls? Everyone has the opportunity to get in-depth direction on their specific documentation issue.

Sound scary? No worries, volunteers only.
Sound exciting? Then sign up and schedule these in now because the time will fly by, trust me!

This is also a time to get any questions answered and have further discussion with the whole group.

Membership Group

Connect 24/7 with your colleagues and myself in the private Facebook group. You can post questions, answers to your exercises or vent about your frustrations. I can handle it, bring it on!

Know what else is cool? This group is ongoing so you can stay connected even after the eight weeks are over. You can also get insight from the previous program members and then help others out once you're alumni (cool, huh?!).


Continuing Education Credits

Everyone who completes the program and passes a brief quiz will receive 4 CE credits approved by NBCC (applies to most counselors, therapists and social workers).

Plus, you have the option for an additional 16 CE credits by completing bonus trainings offered the rest of the year!


BONUSES for all Meaningful Documentation Members

Webinar CE Club Blog Size.png

($160 Value)

Free access to the Webinar CE Club for the rest of 2017... which means access to an additional 16 CE credits approved by NBCC!

The Therapist's.jpg

($299 Value)

The complete paperwork packet that includes templates for forms plus details about what you should personalize for your clients.

Workflow Therapy.png

($19 Value)

A free and immediate copy of my ebook, Workflow Therapy. This is a compilation of my best tips on productivity and time management.


I've also got some surprise bonuses for everyone in the program... they'll be revealed along the way ;)

This is the only time I'm running Meaningful Documentation in 2017!

If you want to finally make peace with your progress notes and develop rock solid documentation- I can’t recommend Dr. Hall’s program more highly. She makes documentation finally make sense and an integral part of a therapist’s case conceptualization- while also streamlining the process so you can get it done fast. Take this course!
— Miranda Palmer - Marriage & Family Therapist and Co-Owner of ZynnyMe

Enrollment will open again in 2018

Pay in full and SAVE

$749 USD

Payment plan option

$269 USD x3 months