Workflow Therapy Ebook


Workflow Therapy Ebook


Workflow Therapy: Time management and simple systems for counselors

This ebook is focused on helping you with progress notes, intake paperwork and improving all the things that use up your valuable time as a psychotherapist.

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This ebook is available for immediate download. Please note that you must have access to download this ebook on a computer within 24 hours of purchase. 

This book contains a summary of content provided by Dr. Maelisa Hall over two years. All content is taken from various sources available on the QA Prep website. Put together in an organized and succinct fashion, this ebook provides you a quick way to identify the best strategies for improving your time spent on documentation.

Chapters include:

  • Get Organized and Save Time

  • How to Organize a Client File

  • Simplifying Your Informed Consent

  • How to Do a Yearly Review of Your Policies and Forms

  • A Counselor's Story of Falling Behind in Writing Notes

  • Three Big Problems Therapists Experienced

  • A Therapist's #1 Productivity Killer

  • My Top Tip for Saving Time On Writing Notes

  • Writing Less is Writing More

  • How to Catch Up on Paperwork

  • The Fastest Way to Write Your Notes

All content is available immediately and copyrighted by QA Prep 2016. All rights reserved.