On demand continuing education workshops you can watch right away...

Worried about whether or not your notes would hold up in a board investigation? Never received training in documentation and feel like you have no clue whether or not your notes are "good?"

That's exactly why I created this online workshop! You'll get to see note samples, understand how to review your own notes objectively and learn exactly what should go in all your therapy notes.

This is an instant access course that offers 2 CE credits through NBCC.

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Stop worrying about audits and file reviews from insurance companies. Understand exactly what insurance companies are looking for in your files!

This workshop goes through two sample insurance client files and reviews all the things you need to know for insurance: medical necessity, justifying treatment options, writing treatment plans and then actually showing how to stick with them... or how to adjust when they don't work out.

This instant access course will offers 2 CE credits through NBCC.

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Or save and purchase both Counselor's Guide workshops (a total of 4 CE credits) together!

You'll also get a FREE copy of my ebook, Workflow Therapy: Time Management and Simple Systems for Counselors. 


In this ethics training, I team up with the amazing Nicol Stolar-Peterson, LCSW BCD from www.therapistcourtprep.com. She's an expert witness and court guru who reviews all the do's and don'ts of working with lawyers, responding to subpoenas, preparing for testimony and even getting paid if you're required to go to court or write court-related letters.

This workshop will also focus on making your documentation more meaningful and more simple, saving you time and energy so you don't feel wiped out after reviewing intake forms or writing notes.

This workshop is now available online for anyone, regardless of location! Registration includes 6 CE credits approved by NBCC.

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Are you struggling to keep up with your notes? Unsure whether or not you're doing things "the right way" and don't know where to go for help? It seems like we should all know this stuff but grad school doesn't prepare you for creating intake forms and documenting ethical dilemmas. That's why I created this online training and consultation program specifically for private practice therapists. 

Start connecting the dots so your policies and notes have meaning for both you and your clients. Learn how to use paperwork to start a conversation during an intake rather than distract from your clinical work. Start integrating client progress and feedback into your weekly notes and sessions. Use your documentation to enhance the relationship with your clients, not detract from it. 

Enrollment is NOW CLOSED for the 2017 round in June/July.


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