Simplify your paperwork AND improve your clinical skills.

And do it with the support of your colleagues!

I hear from caring but stressed out therapists every day...

“I’m embarrassed because I don't know what is actually supposed to be in a note or treatment plan.”

“I feel guilty because I’m always behind in my notes and other paperwork.”

“I feel like I’ll never be successful in private practice because the administrative "stuff" is such a hassle.”


The Meaningful Documentation Academy helps therapists overcome these struggles through a combination of training, resources and community support.

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Get Organized

Intake paperwork, notes, treatment plans, insurance requirements, releases... it's all so confusing! Get templates, checklists and instruction that's easy to implement.

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Connect with Colleagues

The million dollar question is, "What kind of notes are my colleagues writing?" Find out with our regular calls and ask people directly inside the member forum. 


Grow as a Clinician

Documentation is so much easier when you're able to connect it to your client's inner work and see the value in it for YOU as well. Plus, I promise to make things as fun as possible!


Check out more about the resources available:


Here are some of the awesome features available inside the Academy...

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Monthly CE Trainings

Learn personalized tips for your documentation and receive a new CE training each month. The Academy features amazing guest presenters who cover a variety of practical and unique topics, such as using technology as a clinical tool in your practice or creating policies that help you and your clients have a better experience.

And of course, we cover all things documentation! Notes, treatment planning, assessment, forms, and more.

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Weekly Get Notes Done (GND) Hour

Get in person support and accountability each week!

That's right, every Friday at 11am Pacific Time we meet and get notes done together. This is a great way to give yourself that extra push at the end of the week.

We use the Pomodoro Technique and do a full hour of working together online. Cameras default to ON so we can actually see one another and build connections over time. This weekly time to get stuff done is priceless for many members!

Monthly Office Hours

Once a month you have the opportunity to ask your most pressing questions and receive personalized feedback on your mental health paperwork. 

These sessions are informal and you can rest assured knowing you have someone you can actually talk with LIVE when you need it. 

Office hours are typically held on Wednesday afternoons and are always recorded so you don't have to worry about ever missing out! 


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Get Notes Done (GND) Days

Sometimes you need more than training, you just need time to get things done! Each quarter, we spend a day (six hours) together in an online, live meeting to catch up on notes or focus on other time-intensive administrative tasks. 

Using a Pomodoro style schedule, we set ourselves up for a productive day that gets you the results you need... fast.  Plus, I'm online that whole time in case you get stuck and need a little encouragement.

You are going to see massive results from this day so we spend some time recapping our wins at the end of each one. 


Supportive Community

Connect 24/7 with your colleagues and myself in the private member forum. You can post questions, ask for feedback on answers to workshop exercises or vent about your frustrations. We are here to support you!

You're able to share strategies, notes of encouragement and get two critical thingsFeedback on your own writing and a glimpse into what the heck your colleagues are doing!

Plus, you'll receive exclusive access to:

Case Notes Workbook

Treatment Planning Workbook

Current workshop library with 18+ hours of CE credits

Resource reviews, discounts and trainings from industry experts

Opportunities to win monthly prizes for completing trainings


Let's handle your paperwork struggles... together.

My name is Maelisa Hall and I'm a licensed psychologist and “digital nomad” living in in my RV with my husband. My goal in life is to make documentation a simple but meaningful process for all mental health clinicians.

I spent years working as a Trainer and then Director in Quality Improvement and Assurance. Through that experience I learned that I absolutely LOVE training. I also learned how difficult it was for my friends in private practice to get the information they needed when they had questions about notes or other paperwork.

After some encouragement from my friends and husband, I started QA Prep to offer consultation and training for therapists, counselors, social workers and psychologists. 

Since 2013 I've been providing online workshops and in-depth training programs focused on clinical documentation. However, I still get daily questions and requests for additional trainings.

That's why I decided to start the Meaningful Documentation Academy. We have a community with ongoing access to new content and we’re focused on learning and improvement... and having a good time ;) 

Here's what people are saying about Maelisa's trainings:

Thank you Maelisa and QA Prep for giving me organization and confidence with my documentation – I highly recommend your courses to all of my colleagues!
— Bethany Burgess, LCSW in Wrangell, Alaska
Maelisa, I’m incredibly grateful to you for creating this course. How I think about documentation has fundamentally changed since knowing you and working on this course (and I haven’t even gotten all the way through it yet!), making my documentation easier both to do and to teach to my supervisee.
— Erin Findley, Licensed Psychologist in Lafayette, California
Thanks to you... I now don’t hate notes. I kind of like them.
— Kerry Gibbett, Occupational Therapist in Australia

You’re invited to join the Meaningful Documentation Academy today and receive instant access!

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Monthly Payment



You get immediate access to Maelisa’s past CE Workshops, available ONLY inside the Academy.

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Here's a look at the 18+ hours of available CE workshops…

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I feel so much better about documentation in my private practice. There are so many aspects that you cover that I think can help people tremendously. So many people I talk to feel confused about what they need to do for treatment plans, notes, forms, and all the other areas you cover so succinctly. I appreciate that there was enough detail, but not so much that it required more time than I had. Having the examples from you and the other gracious people was very helpful.
— Sandy Hume, Marriage & Family Therapist in Corona Del Mar, California
I am so encouraged about my note writing after viewing your videos and now feel like I made friends with note writing instead of drudging through it. I believe this is mainly due to your great style in presenting the information in a clear, concise and calm manner. It made paperwork so much more understandable than I have ever heard it explained before.
— Anonymous Therapist

Join a supportive community of mental health professionals who are focused on creating meaningful experiences with clients while running their practice more efficiently

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Save Time

While paperwork is valuable, it shouldn't take up hours of your week. Learn strategies for writing notes and getting intakes done more quickly. 

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Get *Judgement-Free* Feedback

You'll have the opportunity to get feedback on your paperwork in real time, from myself AND your colleagues in the forum.

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Abandon Fear

Create systems you know will protect you should your documentation ever come in to question by insurance companies or licensing boards.


NO MORE worrying about what your licensing board would say if they saw your files.

NO MORE trying to figure out what your colleagues are doing.

NO MORE browsing the web for free templates that don't work for you anyway.

NO MORE doubting yourself as a clinician because you can't figure out the administrative stuff. 

NO MORE embarrassment about being behind in your notes.


Monthly Payment Plan


Your membership includes everything below:

Immediate access to 18+ hours of recorded workshops worth 18 CE credits

Immediate access to the member's discussion forum

Monthly live CE workshops and guest presentations

Get Notes Done (GND) Hour every Friday at 10am Pacific Time

Monthly office hours with Maelisa

Get Notes Done (GND) co-working days each quarter

Treatment Planning Workbook

Case Note Template Workbook


Opportunity to win prizes for participation and completion of monthly trainings

Special access to industry experts and product reviews


At least 12 new CE credits guaranteed each year!

No obligation. Cancel your membership any time. Click here for Terms of Service.


Jane's story of working with Maelisa...

I had studied Maelisa’s materials about documentation over the past year, but when a client went into acute crisis and I realized that my notes might be used in court proceedings, I was a pretty freaked out. Already enrolled in another of Maelisa’s offerings, I reached out and asked if she would consult with me on my documentation for this complicated situation which was keeping me up at night. Maelisa and I spent one hour together online doing a peer review of my documentation. We shared a screen and went through how I was documenting this intense case. Maelisa not only gave me feedback on how I was conveying my client’s clinical progression, she taught as we went along. As a result, I have a much stronger sense now of what to include in my notes now, how to honor my ethical obligation to protect my client’s confidentiality, and how to feel clear about my interventions and clinical choices and how I document them in my notes. Best of all, I didn’t have to pretend to have it all together. She made me feel so comfortable and supported. Maelisa honored my experience, while also being encouraging of my learning. That is rare and fantastic in a colleague and consultant.

Follow up: My client’s notes didn’t end up being subpoenaed, but I am not sorry for the time and financial investment I made in my time with Maelisa. It was already worth it and will benefit me in my professional future to be sure!
— Jane B. Mayer, LCSW in Portland, Oregon


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