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Are you looking for someone to give you real-time, practical and honest feedback on your progress notes and forms?

Confused by conflicting feedback you hear from other professionals?

I'm Dr. Maelisa McCaffrey,
I'm here to help!

I'm a clinical psychologist with special training in quality improvement.

My goal is to help you feel confident about your documentation and have that confidence founded on clear and reliable sources

We'll use our time together to do whatever is needed to make that happen.

Consultation work best if you have a specific problem around documentation and are looking for an identifiable solution.

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All consultations are held over Zoom so we can see each other and share computer screens, making it easy and secure to share potentially sensitive information. 

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We will review any laws, ethics, or other important things that apply to your situation. 

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If applicable, you'll receive custom resources and will get access to any existing training material that applies to your situation.

Here are some common things we cover in a 

Consultation Strategy Session

Progress Notes & Form Reviews

If you are nervous about your paperwork due to insurance, a board complaint, or (like most of us) very little training, then I can help! I'll read through your paperwork and give you individualized feedback based on your situation.

Progress Notes Catch Up Plans

I've helped hundreds of therapists catch up on notes through creating individualized catch up plans. We'll identify what's not working and figure out how to get you caught up and how to maintain your progress moving forward.

Record Requests

Do you have a sticky situation and want someone objective to review your documentation before a lawyer does? I can provide feedback on what may be missing and suggestions on how to fix a messy file that is being requested.

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  • 45 Minute Session
  • Personalized Resources
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Consultation Testimonial

I had studied Maelisa’s materials about documentation over the past year, but when a client went into acute crisis and I realized that my notes might be used in court proceedings, I was pretty freaked out. 

Maelisa and I spent one hour together online doing a peer review of my documentation.  Maelisa not only gave me feedback on how I was conveying my client’s clinical progression, she taught as we went along. As a result, I have a much stronger sense now of what to include in my notes now, how to honor my ethical obligation to protect my client’s confidentiality, and how to feel clear about my interventions and clinical choices and how I document them in my notes.

Best of all, I didn’t have to pretend to have it all together. She made me feel so comfortable and supported. Maelisa honored my experience, while also being encouraging of my learning. That is rare and fantastic in a colleague and consultant.


Jane B. Mayer, LCSW

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All consultations are held online so we can see one another and share computer screens.
This makes communicating and sharing potentially sensitive information easy and secure. 

Scheduling your consultation is easy:

  1. Simply find a time that works for you.
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