Get some 1-1 help with your paperwork!

Are you looking for someone to give you real-time, practical and honest feedback on your notes and forms? Confused by conflicting feedback you hear from other professionals? I'm here to help!

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My name is Maelisa Hall and I'm a clinical psychologist with special training in quality improvement.

My goal is to help you feel confident about your documentation and have that confidence founded on clear and reliable sources

We'll use our time together to do whatever is needed to make that happen.

That's why I only work with people who know exactly what their problem is and are looking for an identifiable solution. We communicate beforehand to make sure we're both clear on goals.

I also prepare for sessions ahead of time by making sure we know what applicable laws and ethics are important to consider, and by gathering any previous training material I may have created that can apply to your individual situation. 


Here are some common things we cover in a Consultation Strategy Session:

Notes & Forms Reviews

If you are nervous about your paperwork due to insurance, a board complaint, or (like most of us) very little training then I can help! I'll read through your paperwork and give you individualized feedback based on your situation. 

Notes Catch Up Plans

I've helped dozens of therapists catch up on notes through creating individualized catch up plans. We work through what's not working and figure out how to get you caught up but also how to maintain your progress moving forward.

Ethical Dilemmas

Do you have a sticky situation and want someone objective to review your documentation before a lawyer does? I can provide feedback on what may be missing and how to fix a messy file that is being requested.


All consultations are held online so we can see one another and also share computer screens. This makes communicating and sharing information easy and secure.

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What's included in my consultation?

All consultation sessions are for 90 minutes and include:

Recording of the consultation and notes from session

One month of email follow up with Maelisa

Personalized training materials (as needed)

Price: $349 USD