Do you have weeks (or months) of notes to write?

Feeling overwhelmed by the growing mountain of paperwork and have no idea how to tackle it?

Worried you'll be found out (or even reported)?

Guess what... YOU'RE NOT ALONE.


I talk with dozens of therapists each month who are in the same situation... and soooo ashamed to discuss it. 

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>> They're overwhelmed by all the client hours and resulting paperwork from insurance requirements or their agency job.

>> They're emotionally exhausted from all the client work and dealing with compassion fatigue that drains them of the energy needed to complete administrative tasks.

>> They spend hours each week on notes because they're not sure what to write and end up including everything that might be needed.

>> They're stressed out and feel like a dark cloud is hanging over them... but they're also fearful of reaching out for help.


It makes sense. I mean, you don't exactly call up your professional association and say, "I'm six months behind in my notes and I know I shouldn't be. What do you recommend?"

That begs the question... who DO you call for help?

(and no, Ghostbusters probably can't help with this one)

Enter the Paperwork Catch Up Group

This is a space where you can be honest about just how far behind you are, without being judged.

Because everyone else in the group is behind, too!

This is a space where your fear and hesitation is met with something you desperately need: COMPASSION.

And some practical know-how, too. I'll be there to create an individualized plan with you to catch up

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If you're committed to getting this done, I won't let you hang in the shadows or be forgotten. I will call you out every week and expect progress.

I'll also give you weekly tips and notes of encouragement (after all, it's accountability, not bootcamp). You're tired of feeling ashamed and overwhelmed, so I'll keep after you to meet that goal!

Plus, you'll have the support of colleagues who know exactly what you're going through.  

Wondering exactly how the Paperwork Catch Up Group will move you from feeling overwhelmed to accomplished? 


Here's how we'll break things down...

We'll spend 10 weeks together so you have the time needed to meet your goals but also don't have to let this dominate your entire schedule.

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September 2017: Pre-work and prep tools

Two weeks before we officially begin you'll receive an assignment that will help you prepare for catching up. This way you know exactly what is needed and how to plan for your own success. The pre-work will help you:

  • Identify your realistic workload
  • Identify how much time you spend on notes
  • Prepare your ideal schedule moving forward

October-December: Catch up on notes

This is where the magic happens... and where the work gets done! We'll spend 10 weeks together catching up on notes, improving our schedules and productivity, and providing one another support. The goal here is to plan for spending extra time so you get caught up but also to create a more realistic schedule for yourself so you stay caught up. Here's what we'll do each week:

  • Create your catch up plan
  • Learn time management strategies and evaluate your plan
  • Write your notes weekly
  • Check-in with the group weekly 
  • Receive weekly quick tips/lessons from Maelisa
  • Enjoy weekly encouragement from Maelisa

Catch up on notes!!!

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GND (Get Notes Done) Days

During this round of the Paperwork Catch Up Group we'll be doing something new based on my own experiments with productivity. We'll spend two days (six hours each) together in an online, live meeting to catch up on notes. Using a Pomodoro style schedule, we'll set ourselves up for a productive day that will get you the results you need... fast

Plus, I'll be online that whole time in case you get stuck and need a question answered or just want a little encouragement. You are going to see massive results from this day so we'll spend some time recapping our wins at the end. Sign up and then put the days and times in your calendar now so you can block out this time for catching up:

Get Notes Done Day #1- Saturday, October 7th from 9am-3pm Pacific Time

Get Notes Done Day #2- Friday, December 1st  from 9am-3pm Pacific Time

Support you can trust...

I'm Dr. Maelisa Hall, the owner of QA Prep and a licensed psychologist with five years of experience in clinical training and quality assurance.

Pssst... that means I actually read notes and files for a living!

My experience has taught me that most counselors who fall behind in notes love their clinical work and are devastated by the ongoing stress of paperwork. They simply need a few things to get them going:

  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Proven systems
  • A little training
  • Accountability

I started the Paperwork Catch Up Group to provide these important components but at a more affordable price than one on one consultation with me. 



Everyone who joins will also receive a couple great bonuses to support the journey before and after catching up!

WEBINAR club.jpg

Free CE's

You'll get FREE access to the Webinar CE Club which currently houses 13 CE credits that are immediately available. I add a new webinar (1 CE credit) each month so you can continue learning and get the continuing education credit you deserve for these info-packed sessions.

QA Prep has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6827. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. QA Prep is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

California MFT's, LPC's and Social Workers: Please note that as of January 1, 2015, the BBS no longer approves continuing education providers. Licensees may obtain continuing education hours from board-recognized approval agencies, which includes NBCC. 

Workflow Therapy.png

Free Ebook

This ebook is actually a collection of many blog posts that are all focused on productivity, creating systems for success, working efficiently and getting notes done well.

You'll get access to the ebook with the September pre-work so you can focus more directly on areas of weakness and set yourself up for a successful Catch Up Group during our 10 weeks together.  

Can this FINALLY solve my problem of getting behind in notes?

I know you're feeling motivated reading this but you're also scared it won't last and it won't work. I can't promise you this will work because that relies on one thing only- YOU.

But I can promise that you'll get the support you're looking for. You'll finally be able to ask all those questions you have.

You'll finally be able to talk about how behind you are without feeling judged by other clinicians.

Imagine having a clear plan with goals you know you can accomplish. Imagine seeing your workload shrink each month while still keeping up with everything else on your plate. This is the opportunity you need to turn things around and form long-lasting habits for success

If you've been waiting for someone to *kindly* push you to get this done once and for all, this program is a perfect fit.

Let's replace your overwhelm with relief.

paperwork catch up group.jpg

Your Commitment: $89/mo for 3 months


Includes everything below:

Group accountability and encouragement

September pre-work

Two GND Days (October 7th & December 1st)

Weekly tips on notes and time management

Workflow Therapy Ebook (valued at $19)

Access to the Webinar CE Club (valued at $199)


You keep access to all the material for life!

That means you can always reference things later on or save information for later, in case the schedule doesn't work out for you. And you'll be able to go through the material again in future rounds, if needed.

admin (3).jpg

Apply these principles to other aspects of your therapy practice:

  • Use the methods from the Get Notes Done Days to catch up on other tasks that are often neglected, such as accounting, reviewing client files or policy reviews
  • Create a schedule for not only your notes, but also for other administrative tasks that keep your practice running smoothly
  • Identify tasks at home that take up time but don't give you a great return on investment
  • Practice researched productivity methods that experts use to get things done and keep from burning out while running successful businesses

Stop feeling overwhelmed. Get rid of embarrassment. Sign up today.

Common Questions

When are the GND days?

-Saturday, October 7th from 9am-3pm Pacific Time

-Friday, December 1st from 9am-3pm Pacific Time

What will we do during the GND days?

-The main focus of the GND days is accountability for writing your notes. That means we will all meet and write notes together. Having a planned time where you meet with others increases the likelihood you'll spend a good chunk of time getting caught up on notes.

However, we will take frequent breaks during the GND days and use the body double method and Pomodoro style of working for 25 minutes, then taking a 5 minute break and also taking longer scheduled breaks. This method works very well to increase productivity. Watch this video here to learn more. 

How will we meet for the GND days?

-We will use Zoom, the same software Maelisa uses for webinars. This gives you the chance to view other people working and also easily access Maelisa and other group members for support as needed. 

You can choose to turn your camera on or off, in case you're worried about privacy. 

How easy will it be for me to get my questions answered during the program?

-Maelisa will be available for six full hours on GND days in case you have questions. For example, on the first GND day you may want to focus on reviewing your catch up plan and getting feedback on how to create a realistic schedule that is individualized to your needs.

She will also be available Sunday-Friday in the membership group (as will your colleagues) so you get all the support you need.

Do I have to follow a structured program?

-Yes and no. Your plan will be individualized to your needs and the idea is to spread out the work over the 10 weeks so you don't get burnt out and overwhelmed. If you'd like to adjust the timeframe, get feedback from Maelisa on how to make it work. For example, have a vacation planned already? Simply make that part of your plan... either add a little more work the other 9 weeks or extend your plan past the end of the scheduled group.

Will I really be able to get all my paperwork done in that time?

-Depending on how far behind you are in your notes and what your current schedule is like, you may need to extend even further. However, you'll be able to work on your goals with Maelisa in the group to see how you can achieve them in the 10 weeks.

What is the exact timeframe?

-Although you'll have access to the pre-work on September 17th, we officially start on Sunday, October 1st and end on Saturday, December 9th.

What does the group accountability look like?

-You'll gain access to a private membership site where everyone will be able to discuss their plans, get feedback, share concerns and celebrate wins... all privately. This is NOT a Facebook group because there is no need to throw in the temptation of getting distracted! 

What are the terms of purchase?

-Click here to read the nitty gritty details ;)