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Does this describe you?

Once you were a therapist in a private practice, you may have realized pretty quickly that there was a LOT you were never taught in grad school--specifically around case notes and documentation.  Not only that, but as you worked and got more experience, it only seemed to get more confusing!

The Private Practice Paperwork Crash Course was put together to help demystify your paperwork and give you the skills and resources to make it a manageable part of your work routine. 

 Whether you're right out of school or have been a therapist for decades,

the Private Practice Paperwork Crash Course is for you!

Inside the Crash Course, you'll find:

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Handout and Resource Downloads
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Templates for Progress Notes and Treatment Plans


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 So what's included?

You'll receive INSTANT access to the entire course, including:

Course Module Outline

  • Administrative forms & policies

  • The Therapist's Perfect Paperwork Packet

  • Billing to Insurance

  • Intake Assessment & Diagnosis

  • Treatment Planning

  • DAP Notes

  • GIRP Notes

  • PAIP Notes

  • SOAP Notes

  • Meaningful Templates

Handouts Included

  • Sliding Scale Worksheet

  • Notice of Privacy Practices

  • Social Media Policy

  • The Top Five Things to Know About Insurance

  • Progress Statements

  • Intake Note Checklist

  • Intake Paperwork Checklist

  • Treatment Planner

  • Interventions for Treatment Planning

  • Case Note Samples (DAP, GIRP, PAIP, SOAP)

  • Case Note Templates  (DAP, GIRP, PAIP, SOAP)

  • Note Review Checklist 

  • Note Writing Prompts

  • Note Writing Prompts

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I'm Dr. Maelisa McCaffrey and I’ve worked in a variety of clinical settings including private practice, field-based work, psychiatric hospitals, crisis response team, school-based counseling, learning disability assessment, and more.

That's why I know that clinical documentation can't be just one way - and that's what makes it so confusing!

I also have ADHD and know what it’s like to be that clinician who can’t manage time well and needs some extra help.

This course was created with you in mind - the therapist who just needs a little direction in getting started with the paperwork side of things.