Get Notes Done Days

Monthly Zoom coworking sessions

Here you’ll find GND Day information, including our annual schedule and options for YOU to be part of GND Days!

Get Judgement-Free Support
Overcome Perfectionism
Learn to LOVE Your Paperwork

What are GND Days?

GND stands for Get Notes Done, and that's exactly what these co-working sessions are all about.

  • Held once each month via Zoom
  • Open to ALL QA Prep customers

Using a Pomodoro style schedule, we'll set ourselves up for a productive day that will get you the results you need... fast

Plus, Maelisa will be online that whole time.

You'll have support if you get stuck and need a question answered or just want a little encouragement.

You are going to see massive results from this day, so we'll spend some time recapping our wins at the end.

2024 GND Day Schedule

If you're a QA Prep customer, put these days and times in your calendar now so you can block out this time for catching up:

All GND Days are from
9am-4pm Pacific / 12pm-7pm Eastern
Attend for an hour...or the whole day! Whatever you need.

MAY 10

GND Days are the perfect time to:


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Take this time to work on your current progress notes, or catch up on notes you are behind on. 

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Work on other tasks that are often neglected, such as accounting, reviewing client files or policy reviews.

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Experience the energy and momentum of working alongside other therapists who all have the same goal. 

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How can I attend a GND Day?


Get Notes Done Days are a BONUS for all members of the following QA Prep programs:

When you purchase one of these products, you get immediate access to ALL FUTURE GND Days. 

Learn about the Pomodoro Technique

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