How to write SOAP Notes, DAP Notes, and GIRP Notes for mental health

progress notes Mar 13, 2024
SOAP Notes, DAP Notes and GIRP Notes with Woman sitting at computer

There are lots of mental health progress note templates but which one is best for you? And what should you include in each of these templates? 

The three videos below explain what components to include in a progress note for the most popular case note templates... and they are all under 2 minutes long! 

You'll also get some tips for writing these notes more quickly while still maintaining quality. So let's start with what goes in any progress note, and then break it down based on progress note template.

What goes in a mental health progress note

In general, every counseling progress note should include the following clinical information: 

  • Topics discussed or themes of the session
  • Interventions provided by the therapist/counselor
  • Client presentation - focus on mood, affect, behavior
  • Client progress toward goals
  • Client challenges or impairments related to mental health symptoms 
  • Plan until the next session 

You could simply use the list above to create your own progress note template, but if you want to fit these categories into a specific template, check out the tips below.

How to write a SOAP Note


How to write a DAP Note  


How to write a GIRP Note


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Happy writing!

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