Writing Treatment Plans in an Electronic Health Record (EHR)

electronic health records (ehrs) treatment plans Jul 11, 2022

Writing treatment plans can feel overwhelming in general, but add having to use a clunky template inside your EHR, and treatment plans become especially annoying! In the video below, Dr. Maelisa McCaffrey offers some insights into:

  • Why most EHRs don’t let you create your own treatment plan template

  • What you need to know about writing goals and objectives in treatment plans

  • How to choose which sections to focus on in your counseling treatment plan template, and

  • What language to use in the various sections of your EHR treatment plan

Click below to watch the full video and start simplifying your treatment plans!

Looking for more support with writing mental health treatment plans in your private practice? Click here to check out the free Private Practice Paperwork Crash Course!

And stay tuned for our upcoming series all about how mental health impacts documentation. We’ll be talking anxiety, ADHD, depression, grief and burnout.

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